December 17th, 2017




Как он классно сказал: «"Исламское Государство" нельзя называть "исламскими экстремистами" — по крайней мере, не в большей мере, чем можно назвать "экстремистским" исполнение скрипичного концерта ре мажор Чайковского неким человеком, который даже скрипку в руках никогда не держал».

This home truth has been strangely distorted by the demand that we should call jihadist terrorism by the name "Islamic extremism." In fact, the Islamic State is not an extreme version of Islam any more than the off-key performance by an untutored and untalented violinist is an "extreme" version of Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto in D major. The terrorists of the Islamic State are not scholarly imams who happen to take a fundamentalist view of Islamic doctrine. Many of them are former Baathist military operators who professed no intense religious convictions of any kind when they served Saddam Hussein; many are pathetic petty criminals like Richard Reid, the failed shoe bomber, and lonely misfits like Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who detonated a bomb in his underwear; many are sectarian murderers whose principal targets are other Muslims. The one thing they are not, whatever their devotion to the cause of violence, is a serious body of Koranic theology. They should not be flattered by the adjective "Islamic," nor should we implicitly disrespect the 1.5 billion Muslims who are just as appalled by these atrocities as we are.

Posted by Владимир Чупин on 17 дек 2017, 10:01

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